The kingdom of Yardenfall

Allies: Chegard

Yardenfall is a bit of a special country. Some countries like The kingdoms of Navea and Rowad does not recognize it as an independent country at all. It's in an active rebellion against Navea. the war has split what used to be Navea in half.


Yardenfall is mostly covered in deciduous forest and rolling hills and pains. with a couple of solitude mountain peaks reaching for the sky.

to the east the country borders a enormous mountain range where the river of Blainburns start. The river follows the southern border.

Yardenfalls climate makes it perfect for farming. Although the war in the area has caused many villages farmsteads and fields to get burnt down.


The Kingdom of Yardenfall is in an active rebellion against Navea and is currently ruled by the rebellion leader together with a council of advisers most of which are military advisers. How the country will be ruled if it survives the war is still unknown. Some speculate that the it will end up as a kingdom or military dictatorship. With Jack Verddrake as king or dictator. Others speak of democracy.

Ruler: Jack Verddrake



The capital of Yardenfall

Drosa was the city which the spark of the rebellion started.

It's currently not in the best state, due to after the fighting Jack Verddrake and his followers had to divert their resources to fighting in the war instead of rebuilding the city.


The city Clord is filled with small streets and alleyways. It's infamous for its criminal activity. and it's best to be careful when venturing off the main streets of the city. It's said that even the city guard stays far away from the Gunnan district out of fear of being cut down.


The city of Sartres is built around an ancient temple which has changed who to worship more than once. Everytime the temple got changed a bit or got a new extension.

The city is considered an important place of worship and many pilgrims travel to the temple to pray.

Satres is located with the great river of Blainburns to the south, and a marsh to the west. and is therefore a great defensive location in the war.


Grebury is built where the streams from the mountains come together to form the river of Blainburns.

Due to it's strategic location, it can control all the bridges and passing points within a big area to the south west of the city.