The kingdom of Navea


Allies: Rowad


Navea is mostly covered in deciduous forest and rolling hills and pains. with a couple of solitude mountain peaks reaching for the sky.

To the east the country borders a enormous mountain range where the river of Blainburns start. The river used to be in the center of the country but due to the rebellion it’s now the current northern border of the kingdom.

Naveas climate makes it perfect for farming. Although the war in the area has caused many villages farmsteads and fields to get burnt down in the northern regions.

To the south west along the border with Rowad, Navea borders the mountain chain called Merrill's ridge.


Navea is a Monarchy. Ruled by the oldest son of the House Ealstol familyline.

The monarchs of Navea have been rivals with the kingdom of Chegard for a long time.

Ruler: King Eddrik "the Red Lion" of House Ealstol


The capital of Navea

The great city of Seles Is located on the western coast of the country.

Seles has been home to the Royal family of Navea since the beginning of the monarchy in the area.


Tore was built in the ruins of an old ruined city. Many of the archaeologist that studied in Kilmarn are currently located here. In a race with the city growth trying to excavate finds before new houses gets built on top of their archaeological dig sites.




Adwick fortress: