WIP (This information is imminent to change)

Current Ruler:

In [date], Navea sent a small fleet of colony ships to settle on the shores of Chunith.

In [date], a civil war broke out in the streets of Erendale. The colonists had revolted against their Navea masters. The colonists, notably led by an outraged man named Horatio Thennsylver, had the advantage of numbers and strong motive against the armed guards. After the retreat of Lord Elstin and what remained of the Erendale Military, the citizens had nominated Thennsylver as their new king. However He never got the chance to rule. Horatio Thennsylver died under mysterious circumstances.

Instead the second in command King [name] took over, though some suspect he might have killed "King" Horatio to gain the power. But no evidence has ever been found. King [name] has been ruling the ever-thriving town.

In [date] King Eddrik of Navea appointed his young nephew Farmon as vice admiral and gave him the task to reclaim Erendale. Although Farmon did not get a very sizable fleet or amount of soldiers, he should not be underestimated.