The realm of Edria


Edria is a big region with much varying climate. The mountain range known as The Relz splits up the lands in different parts. The west is very hilly with a large taiga called Tyvolf Forest. The southern part of Edria is the only place where the re is suitable circumstances for farming. On the warmer part of the year, lasting about 7 months, the lands are free from snow and the conditions decent for farming.

The further north you get, the harder the conditions for living gets, only a few tribes with excellent hunters can survive the unforgiving nature.With long and cold winters, these parts are not an easy place to survive in, nor grow up in. These people live as nomads, moving when the amount of animals reduces. Not much are known about these peoples culture, but it is said that they are very close to the spirit world. The most northern parts of are completely uninhabitable. The snow here never melts and there are many heavy storms killing everything living in their way.


Edria is ruled by a council of 5 houses. Each house gets 2 seats in said council. The council is lead by a grand master elected at the former grandmasters death. Often the grandmaster is chosen from the old and wise members of the houses. But it has happened before that the grandmaster elected was not a part of any of the great houses.

Inside the council each member, including the grandmaster, gets one vote on a matter. 11 voters.

Each house got the right to raise an army and raise taxes from their territory.

They also got the responsibility to keep law and order in their own region.

Each member of a house must when coming of age give their word before the council to stand together in case of war. Though it has happened before that this word has been broken. But this is looked down on by almost every member of a great house.

There are often internally strifes because of border friction and high ambitions. And it happens that houses go to war with each other. When coming of age the members of a great house promise to protect the realm from external threats.

The houses often have a complicated web of alliances to make sure that they got the best backing in case of a strife.

Ruler: (council grandmaster):

Stoven Mehul