A fertile colonial city. Considered much more successful than Mallowston in terms of wealth generated, it’s position in a temperate coastline makes it the seat of production of trade goods such as wine and artisan crafts, and high value crops. It’s wealth of trade has made it able to hold an upper hand to Mallowston in many situations. It is ruled by a court of nobles, or a king at the head of the table.


Bordering the Rubal mountains to the east and the donwen mountains’ snow covered peaks to the north. The Chegardian Colony Mallowston lies on the west coast of Chunith.

The Colony is based pretty far north surrounded mostly by spruce trees. The climate of the area makes growing most crops that are not hardy, difficult. and the colony is therefore dependent on trade with Erendale and ships with supplies from Chegard.

Mallowston is ruled by a governor appointed by the monarch of Chegard.


Chunith is a relatively large island far west of the continent Verenus. It has a very shifting climate with many different biomes, inhabited by various plants and animals. From the desert and jungle in the south to the proud ice peaks in the north, the island is split up into two parts by a tall mountain range. Southwest lies a desert with a unique mountain in the middle of it. It contains many different rare materials and is said to hide valuable treasures. The jungle-like biome lies southeast of the mountain range. It is mostly untouched and a very small part of it is searched through.

North of these lies forests of mostly oak. The climate is friendly here, and conditions for farming are quite good except for the island being quite hilly in general. Further north, pine trees fill up the area leaving the soil less fertile. In the most northern places, the land is almost covered in snow the whole year. A few months during the summer, farming is possible. But it is to short to generate larger harvests. Therefore, the area remains uninhabited.